All data presented is for 5v5 situations with the goalies in net only.
This website makes extensive use of the stat eGF, which you can read about in detail in this blog post.

There are a bunch of changes going on with the NHL website which is necessitating changes on this site.
If you use anything and notice a bug please tweet it to me so I can fix it. Thanks!

The diagram below shows the location of all the chances that occurred for a particular player. Chances FOR are on the RIGHT and chances AGAINST are on the LEFT.
The rectangles are sized based on the quality of the chance, larger being better. Blue is for chances, red are for goals. You can mouse over any chance for more information. All shots shown are individual shots taken by the player, but all eGF drawn is FOR/AGAINST the team while he is on the ice.

When searching for players it is a wildcard search and it will pick the first hit it gets. So if you type "Tom" it just picks the first "Tom" it finds.

Season: Player:

Start Date - Stop Date

Current Date - Animation Speed

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