All data presented is for 5v5 situations with the goalies in net only.
This website makes extensive use of the stat eGF, which you can read about in detail in this blog post.

There are a bunch of changes going on with the NHL website which is necessitating changes on this site.
If you use anything and notice a bug please tweet it to me so I can fix it. Thanks!

To use this page, choose a start season and end season, then pick if you want your data combined or separated by season.
Then set the time-on-ice (TOI) filter to the minimum number of TOTAL minutes played, if you're doing a date range this is important to check.

You can pick a start and end date for your data, just make sure you select "DATE" as the range. If you select "DATE AND SEASON" as the range then it will search each season you selected, inside the months and days you selected. For example, "DATE AND RANGE" 20150101 - 20160131 "SEASONS" 20122013 - 20152016 would return the data from each January for each of those selected seasons.

If you're looking for a specific player, type their name in the Player text box or for a team type the three letter code in the team text box.

The season shown is the last season the player played for that team when looking at combined data.

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